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Introducing diasend by Glooko

Wanting to store your long-term diabetes data? diasend by Glooko may be right for you! Storing data from compatible insulin pumps, CGM devices, BG meters and more - diasend by Glooko can provide an overview of your diabetes management. With this platform you can also link your personal account with a clinic account, allowing your healthcare team to conveniently review your data as well.

5 Reasons to use Dexcom Clarity

Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) offers significant amounts of glucose data that can help you and your healthcare team make informed decisions about your diabetes care, that help you keep track of how your diabetes is being managed - and Dexcom Clarity can help you discover more about your day to day diabetes care by:

  1. Automatically storing your glucose, activity and insulin dosing data
    There are no storage limits! Your data is held for your review from the moment you start on the device right up until the last 3 hours. You are able to compare your Dexcom glucose data from yesterday to last week, and even a few months ago. To get started, simply log in to with your same Dexcom account information, no need to create a new account!

  2. Share your glucose readings with your healthcare team
    You can easily set up automated sharing of glucose data with your healthcare team in order to help streamline your next appointment. With this feature, you can control what information you share; allowing your healthcare team to access the most recent glucose data available at any time. When this connection is set up, moving forward, any following glucose data uploaded to the account can be accessed by your healthcare team as well.

  3. Generate reports about your diabetes care
    With Dexcom Clarity, you can also export customised easy-to-understand reports. Whether you want to focus on patterns of high and low glucose events over a specified period of time, or perhaps a statistical breakdown of glucose levels this month as compared to last month - you can personalise what data you want to see and the way you want to see it.

  4. Identify insights and patterns
    With a visually intuitive interface, you can quickly access key information and 4-way pattern detection of highs, lows, night-time glucose behaviour and best glucose day to assess your diabetes management plan. For example, Dexcom Clarity might highlight a pattern of low glucose events in the early mornings based on your CGM data, thus quickly and effectively identifying areas for further investigation with your healthcare team.

    On the Overview dashboard, you can also find summarised key data like your percentage of time spent within the target glucose range, average glucose, Glucose Management Indicator* and more – all just a glance away.

    Dexcom Clarity Screenshot Sept 2022 (Customer Account)
    Pictured above: The Dexcom Clarity Overview dashboard.

  5. Access reports and insights via PC or app
    Dexcom Clarity can be accessed via web browser at, or via the Dexcom Clarity app^ – available on both iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Due to the comprehensive information the reports contain, some reporting features are only accessible via web-browser log in, however the Dexcom Clarity app also offers unique perks like weekly notifications, to help you track your progress anywhere, at any time!


ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Read the warnings available on before purchasing. Consult your healthcare professional to see which product is right for you.

*GMI approximates the laboratory A1C level expected based on average glucose measured using CGM values. Average glucose is derived from at least 12 days of CGM data. The GMI may be similar to, higher than, or lower than the laboratory A1C. Differences between GMI and laboratory A1C may reflect differences among an individual’s red blood cell lifespan, how glucose binds to haemoglobin, or due to a recent fluctuation in glucose control.
^To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit: Internet connection is required.

Note: The web-based Dexcom Clarity software is intended for use by both home users and healthcare professionals to assist people with diabetes in the review, analysis, and evaluation of historical CGM data to support effective diabetes management. It is intended for use as an accessory to Dexcom CGM devices with data interface capabilities. Caution: The software does not provide any medical advice and should not be used for that purpose. Home users must consult a healthcare professional before making any medical interpretation and therapy adjustments from the information in the software. Caution: Healthcare professionals should use information in the software in conjunction with other clinical information available to them.

Last Updated: 15th September 2022

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