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Receiving a diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming. Suddenly, your day-to-day ‘normal’ shifts as you have to continually monitor your glucose levels, administer insulin injections to stay within your target range, treat low or high glucose events and so much more.

It can be mentally draining, but it’s important to realise that support is available and you are not alone… the diabetes community stands with you, as does a number of community-based organisations. To get you started, we’ve listed some of the organisations below.

DANII Foundation

Established in 2012 by parents, Donna and Brian Meads-Barlow, the non-profit organisation DANII Foundation was set up as a legacy to their 17-year-old daughter, Daniella, following her sudden passing as a result of a night-time hypoglycaemic episode. To this day, the DANII Foundation continues to campaign for those living with type 1 diabetes, to make diabetes technology more affordable – and as a result, reduce unnecessary complications and complex morbidity associated with poorly managed type 1 diabetes. More information on the DANII Foundation can be found at:

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Australia was established in 1984 and is the national body for people affected by all types of diabetes. Through leadership, prevention, management and research, Diabetes Australia is committed to reducing the impact of diabetes on individuals, families, and communities at large. The not-for-profit company works in collaboration with state and territory diabetes organisations with the administration of the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) and are committed to raising awareness about diabetes and advocating for better standards of care through many community-based initiatives and events. To learn more about Diabetes Australia, please visit

JDRF Australia

JDRF is a leading global non-profit organisation which funds type 1 diabetes research, with the exclusive goal of finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. JDRF operates on three pillars: research, advocacy and community. Through research, they evaluate the global research landscape and support grass-roots research programs, designed to end type 1 diabetes or reduce its associated complications. Additionally, their advocacy efforts focus on shaping government policy for additional funding for research which links closely to their third objective; supporting the type 1 diabetes community by creating connections and sharing knowledge. Find out more about JDRF Australia at:

Type 1 Foundation

The Type 1 Foundation was founded in 2015 by Ange Liston-McCaughley after the type 1 diagnosis of her daughter, Lila, at age 9. They are a not-for-profit charity whose mission is creating awareness, supporting families from diagnosis and connecting families living with type 1 diabetes through their many events around Australia every year. More information on the Type 1 Foundation can be found at:

The Willow Rose Foundation for Diabetes

The Willow Rose Foundation for Diabetes was established in recognition of daughter, Willow Rose who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age two. By bringing together a combination of personal experiences and experiences of those within the diabetes community, the foundation is delivering a not-for-profit organisation that is truly for the people. More information on the Willow Rose Foundation for Diabetes can be found at:


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If you would like to have your say on life with diabetes, join our AMSL Diabetes All-Star Program by clicking here.

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Last Updated: 2nd December 2022

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